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Yarnell Hill Prescott Arizona Fire Tragedy June 30, 2013

Tragedy loss emotional pain accidents that devastate us. Heavy on my mind today.
It is difficult to write about anything except the Yarnell Hill Prescott Arizona fire incident. I know this place well. Nineteen young men have mysteriously had their lives swept away from them by a dangerous fire that became fatal when the wind trapped them inside it’s fury.
My father and his 4 sisters, when they were kids, used to take the back way to northern Arizona, into cooler country by way of Yarnell Hill. I don’t even think there was an Interstate 17 then. Yarnell Hill is steep and winding and breathtaking. It is my favorite drive up into northern Arizona, my home state. In the same area before arriving into Prescott is People’s Valley with acres of horse pasture and clear yellow fields of yarrow for miles. Interestingly, there are few people in People’s Valley. I always wanted to live there.
It is with great sadness for the loss of these brave souls that I devote my day today in silent prayer to these 19. We cannot know why they are gone too soon, but can hold reverence and honor in our hearts for their sacrifice in service to help us all.

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A compilation of photos from my show, May 23, 2013 at Catalina Bar & Grill with Abraham Laboriel, Walter Rodriguez, and Kazunori Koga who travelled from Japan to perform with us.

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For Immediate Release


Equally acclaimed as a contemporary jazz composer, vocalist and pianist throughout her two decade plus recording and performing career, Jeanne Newhall ( makes her triumphant, highly anticipated return to the stage at Catalina Bar & Grill Thursday, May 23 at 8 p.m.
The show marks her first at the renowned Hollywood jazz club in nearly five years.
The charismatic, multi-talented artist will be joined by a powerhouse multi-cultural quartet featuring legendary bassist Abraham Laboriel (whom Guitar Player magazine has called “the most widely used session bassist of our time,” with over 4,000 credits), drummer Walter Rodriguez (a protégé of percussion great Alex Acuna who has toured with numerous artists, including Yanni) and guitarist Kazunori Koga, who first played with Newhall last fall when she performed several shows in Japan.
The weekend following her set at Catalina, Newhall and her band will head to the studio to start work on the vocalist/pianist’s next project, a jazz/blues/folk/soul influenced recording that will, like many of her previous projects, be released on her independent label Marzipan Records.
They will be performing more recently recorded vocal songs from Newhall’s albums Glide (Deluxe Edition) and Wild Blue (2006), in addition to popular cuts from some of her 1990s albums when her focus was on instrumental contemporary jazz.
After taking some time off from her whirlwind recording and performing schedule upon the passing of her brother in 2008, Newhall—who last performed at Catalina in 2008—has emerged with some of her most dynamic and successful projects ever.
A year after releasing Glide, her comeback album, in 2010, she put out the Deluxe Edition of the collection that included a cover of The Wallflowers’ “6th Avenue Heartache,” which was featured on the ABC mystery-drama series “Happy Town.”
A devoted practitioner of Ashtanga Royal Yoga for more than 10 years, Newhall recorded and released her first yoga-centric album Blossom of Transformation in 2011; she dedicated the healing-based recording to her late brother. Last year, she added a second career spanning compliation, Spacious, Peaceful and Quiet, to her extensive discography.
“Since I began performing again late in 2012, I feel like I have shed an emotional and spiritual skin and am enjoying a sense of healing, rebirth and transformation,” says the Phoenix born and raised, Los Angeles based artist. “There comes a point with every musician where you feel a unique call to share your gift and emotions with both the people who have helped support your career and others who are new to the experience.
“All of this is like emerging from a cocoon and rising on what I can only describe as ‘butterfly wings,’” she adds. “I feel a burden lifted and am now flowing with a newfound sense of melodic and rhythmic freedom. I’m really excited to be performing at Catalina’s again with these great musicians I have had the pleasure of working with in the past.” ….Jonathan Widran

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Hi…hoping you will join us for a rare “One Show Only” performance in Hollywood at the famous Catalina Grill & Bar on Sunset Boulevard at Highland Avenue on Thursday evening May 23rd, 8:30 PM. I am thrilled to be able to perform again with Abraham Laboriel – bassist supreme, as well as Kazunori Koga, the vibrant guitarist who performed with me on my recent Japan tour. Kazunori is flying in to perform at Catalina’s and record on my next album. Also, Walter Rodriguez will be joining me for the first time on drums and percussion. He is a protegé of Alex Acüna, tours extensively with Yanni among others and is a first call musician in Los Angeles for both live shows and sessions.
We will be playing songs from many of my older albums such as Zebra and Bedouin’s Paradise as well as several vocals from Wild Blue and Glide Deluxe Edition. Maybe I can even tuck in a sacred chant from Blossom Of Transformation. It will be a fun time…there is a parking garage, just in case you were wondering, and certainly a memorable milestone in my performance career!

Sending rich blessings to all,

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Japan Performances 2013 Osaka Tokyo Kyoto


Just back from my magnificent adventure to Japan and feeling rather elated with all the music played, new friends gained, and amazing synergy with this beautiful place. It reminds me of a Chick Corea piece that he composed for his group, Return To Forever, called “Where Have I Known You Before?” A haunting sense of familiarity and yet newness enveloped me in Japan. I posted on my Jeanne Newhall Music FaceBook page that “I have left Japan but it has not left me.” Aside from a DVD that may evolve from the performances in Osaka at The Green Note, the best I can do right now is share these pictures with you. Please enjoy and stay strong in your heart and spirit.


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new interactive website…


Hi Everyone,

Here I am lounging on the deck on a recent briskly cool but warm in the sun winter day. All the while, my website was getting a revision and voila, here ’tis! Many thanks to Don Giannatti for his perserverance on the web project and to Ed Ornelas for the image.

The image is a bit of a preview for the cover of my new recording — an EP (half an album) called “Fragile.” There will be 5 songs: three of them are stripped down acoustic versions from “Glide Deluxe Edition”. One is my take on the beautifully penned Anna Nalick song Breathe 2am. And, finally, the title track, Fragile. I will be announcing the release date here and on my facebook music page.

Please check my blog in a couple of days because I am going to tell you all about my upcoming trip to perform for the first time in Japan!

In the meantime, hope you like the new site!!

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