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Beautiful, For No One to See
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Jeanne Newhall — Beautiful, For No One To See

1 Baloo Lammy (Traditional Scottish)
2 Ambrosian Chant/Jesu Redemptor Omnium (Sixth Century)
3 2 Rumanian Christmas Carols
4 Sing O Sing / Psallite Unigenito German Origin
5 El Rorro – The Rocking of the Child (Mexican Carol)
6 The Choir – Original Hymn
7 Andante from Handel’s Water Music
8 Gregorian Chant/Jerusalem Gaude (Sixth Century)
9 Irish Carol
10 The Seven Joys of Mary / Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head
11 Rockabye Jesus (Polish Lullaby)
12 Whence Comes This Rush of Wings/ Bring your Torches, Jeannette, Isabella
13 In a Manger (Russian Carol)
14 The Birds (Benjamin Britton)