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Preamble To A Set List

How does one decide when there are many songs and albums to choose from? A lot of second guessing goes on at first. Then just settling into “hot sets” that have proven themselves. As well as remaining in the moment and playing off of the energy of the audience.

I will begin by playing SNOWLIGHT.
What shall I call this performance? Shall I name it since I am thinking of an orderly smattering of songs that start with the first album release 25 years ago? Or not?
This is a solo (piano and vocal) performance on a Sunday afternoon, end of the summer in the auspicious seaside resort town of Trinidad in Humboldt County on the California Coast. How about one of these for a name: Journey Of The Spirit, or Time Passages, or Soul Train? Ugh! Corny and Clichéd!!

After SNOWLIGHT, just start talking like this: It has been for 17 years that I have performed in concert in the Town Hall in Trinidad where the Redwoods reach for the Pacific Ocean. Where it feels like Home. KQEX Radio was the station to listen to in 1999. Steve Parlato and company! It was a crowded rainy night in February in this Redwood Concert Hall. The Trinidad Town Hall. You know about the magic here. I discovered the magic here that night. I forged friendships. There was a common love of intense nature and intense music. Eventually I experienced a 3 week songwriting sabbatical that took place in a beautiful house on Stagecoach Road. And an album emerged called “Sky.” So let me time travel with you from the beginning until today, August 14, 2016.


1. PAUSE It’s about love peace tenderness mercy grit and grace. It was my first album entitled “Novice.” The song, PAUSE reflected the awareness of our breathing process. Pause is the moment between the inhale and the exhale. The transition and the trust. The stillness and the silence vital to living well.

2. With the album “Conscience,” I started to expand and truly bare my soul. I was working as a service musician. Providing a soundscape to live events not unlike a composer provides a score to a movie. During this time destiny stepped in. Songs like this one (play “It’s Too Late” — Carole King), also from Phoebe Snow, Maria Muldaur, etc. became springboards to songs like this one. Play the original from “Conscience,” INSPIRE ME.

3. SURPRISE VISIT was written for my son. As a single mother, he had and always is a constant source of inspiration and purpose. He came in to visit me at the piano at the Orangerie Lounge in the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix where I was playing. He had just finished his run with the high school cross country team after school. As he said, he just “ran” by to say hi. I decided to write a little instrumental jazzy fun thing. I wanted to compose and play it without linear logical thinking. I realized I could now trust the technical skills I had so that a story could be created in the solo section.

4. MEETING PLACES With this album and title song, I finally felt I had a sense of community with my musical family, my band. We recorded four albums together. All were in the contemporary jazz realm. Matthew McKenzie on bass guitar, Dom Moio on drums, and Mark Prentice on guitars, mandolin, and a bouzouki I brought for him from Greece.

5.ZEBRA was inspired by the Serengeti in Africa. It is the most untouched place on earth. And one of the 10 natural wonders of the world. All 12,000 square miles of it. Then play the radio hit from the album, “Grey Mist At Dawn.”

6. What radio and retailers have named Smooth Jazz or Contemporary Jazz as well as traditional jazz standards and styles all evolved from original ragtime and the early piano blues era. I recorded one of these too! It is called “Cakewalk.” Play MAPLE LEAF RAG.

7. The album “Bedouin’s Paradise” (inspired by a poem by artist Gordon Wagner) was poised to make a big splash into the New Adult Contemporary genre that followed after my early New Age leanings. I rounded up a few big hitters like Peter White (originally from Al Stewart’s band) and Kirk Whalum (famous for his astounding sax solo on Whitney Houston’s version of I’ll Always Love You in the “Bodyguard”). So what is a Bedouin, you ask? A Bedouin represents the unconquerable spirit of mankind. How appropriate, I felt. That was resonant personally as well as humanistic. All the songs on “Bedouin’s Paradise” hark back to the Venice California beach and amusement park of the 1920s. There was wind and water, fun and games, and a roller coaster named RACE THRU THE CLOUDS. Play RACE THRU THE CLOUDS.

8.Read this paragraph out loud to the audience. “Wild Blue” was the first all vocal album. Some time had passed and I paused in my musical tracks. I was upset because I was lied to. There were broken commitments from radio power people that had promised to adding BUNCO MAN from Bedouin’s Paradise to national Airplay lists. They did not add BUNCO MAN. Consequently, I released a classical album dedicated to my Grandmother; a Hip-Hop digital CD under the pseudonym “Squashead”; an EP of stripped down versions of previous originals called “FRAGILE”; and took on the project of composing my first feature length film score for “The Legend Of Billy Fail.”I had dwelled in many new musical frontiers but the ultimate was still waiting. Releasing an album of all original vocals. A singer-songwriter release that would allow me to be free to use my voice on the tracks as I did in live performances. Previously, I was limited to following the protocol in the genres of new age and smooth jazz and contemporary jazz. And, I longed to delve wholly into writing lyrics full-time. I wanted to submerge into writing prosody, words and music together. Maybe it was because so many times as a young girl I came in second as a competitive swimmer. I needed to prove something to myself. I needed to move into first place for my own well being. I needed to command my efforts to engage my writing and my voice. The end goal being to give more love and grit (tenacity) to others. So, I shifted genres and officially incorporated singer songwriter onto my palatte. The first album of this era is “Wild Blue.” As it turned out, the album was picked up and I signed to BLIX STREET RECORDS, the label that discovered Eva Cassidy’s music and released her recordings. Here is the song that the record label president called the “soul of the album”, ANCIENT.

Closing notes: The previous set list ramblings were ultimately minimized and there was much more music than talking. The remainder of the concert played itself out with GLIDE, the title track from “Glide”, the sophomore singer songwriter album. Then after an intermission, we all returned to a second half of songs from “Sky” the album that represented the beauty of Trinidad, Humboldt County and the kindness of the people there. I sang and played through six or seven of the songs letting them unravel from one to another in a improvised intuitive order. The set list at this point was left behind. The audience response created an ebb and flow. It was a 2.5 hour concert including the 20 minute intermission. It was an astoundingly beautiful experience.

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ON TOUR — Jeanne & Kazunori

On Tour Poster Dec 2014

For More Information Message At:

After 3 tours in Japan, Kazunori and I are finally going to perform on the beautiful California Coast. First stop is the legendary Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood. Then on to artsy South Pasadena for WINE AND SONG at The Firefly, the historic Shell Cafe in Pismo Beach, and finally the intimacy of a House Concert presented by “Songwriter’s Living Room At The Ranch” in the golden hills of Agoura


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The acclaimed Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and pianist Jeanne Newhall has joined musical forces with Osaka based guitar guru Kazunori Koga to form an exciting Duo. Together they bring a vast array of influences, from jazz and blues to folk, pop, and R&B. Their compelling and heart-warming story, whether told by Ms. Newhall in English or Mr. Koga in Japanese, will inspire a belief in all things magical.
Several months before Ms. Newhall’s first performances in Japan in February of 2013, she was contacted many times by a gentleman who had been an avid fan, collecting her albums that spanned her 20 year recording career. He owned a small private jazz club in Osaka where a couple of her American friends and well know celebrities in the jazz scene had also performed. After speaking with them, Ms. Newhall was convinced to make her maiden voyage to Japan to perform several shows with a band comprised of several Japanese musicians. Among the musicians was Kazunori Koga bringing both his acoustic and electric guitar mastery to the mix. It was not long before they recognized each other, like familiar old souls.
As Mr. Koga describes, ” a special chemistry emerged between us. I contacted her after the shows to let her know the connection that I felt between us.”. As Ms. Newhall says, “his intuitive and soulful sensibilities provided a foundation for me to sing and play from as never before. I could not wait to perform with him again.”
As a result of the first meeting and shows in February 2013, Ms. Newhall invited Mr. Koga to come to Los Angeles in May to perform a concert with her at the famous Catalina Jazz Club Hollywood. A mere 24 hours after Ms. Newhall and Mr. Koga reunited on stage at Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, they gathered at Castle Oaks Studio in the canyons near the Pacific Ocean with legendary bassist Abraham Laboriel and Alex Acuña’s protegé percussionist Walter Rodriguez to record her newest album, “SKY.”
As a result of the release of the album “Sky” which features Kazunori Koga on all the songs,
Ms. Newhall returned to Japan twice more in October 2013 and April 2014 for several performances with Duo in Osaka, Kobe, Esaka, and Kyoto.

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For Children and Parents and Me

….from Haim G. Ginott (originally Ginzburg) teacher and writer

“I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather.

I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated, and a person is humanized or dehumanized.

If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.”

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Hello My Friends,

Please take a look at the brand new video we filmed on a moody Sunday morning in Hollywood, California on Hollywood Boulevard. The five minute mini movie provides a deliciously artful presentation of the famous heart of Hollywood all the while I am doing my thing with Bob Dylan’s classic song that he wrote for his very close friend George Harrison. Please enjoy “If Not For You” and share, like, and even leave a comment if so inspired. Thank you for all your support and kindness! thankyou… thankyou…

with love light and joy,


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