Jeanne Newhall — Never Lose Your Peace
Release date : Jul. 28, 2020
Label : Marzipan Music

A classical crossover song highlighting a melodic grand piano supported by a simple guitar harmony. The original composition is born from a motivation to inspire our daily life in a way that we never lose ourselves to worry, fear, anger or despair.

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Jeanne Newhall — House Of Time
Release date : May. 13, 2020
Label : Marzipan Music

It’s like a woman in a painting looking into a three way mirror, reflecting on herself in a moment that is fleeting and permanent all at once. We are rooted and grounded as we’re swept through the convergence of past, present, and future. The song feels positive, a touch wistful. It kind of sweeps you away in an airy way but never loses its hold.

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Cranes Among Clouds

Jeanne Newhall — Cranes Among Clouds
Release date : Jan. 06, 2020
Label : Marzipan Music

Like pieces of a puzzle, the 6 songs wanted to be joined together to become one whole musical offering. I took inspiration from the beloved Asian symbol of the crane, a bird that flies higher than any other bird and represents longevity, peace, and social advancement. Much gratitude to my profound musical partner Kazunori Koga, my friend and guitarist from Osaka, Japan.

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Pearl: A Classical Piano Collective

Release date : Apr. 09, 2019
Label : Marzipan Music

A classical crossover: a cool combo of solo piano and ensemble pieces from various other releases - now updated and sequence by moi for the ultimate listening sonic. Indulge yourself in Puccini, Schubert, Debussy, Fauré, and a couple of ancient Gregorian chants for restorative measure. Music does heal the soul.

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Sailboat On The Hudson

Release date : Sept. 18, 2017
Label : Marzipan Music

One autumn day in New York City, I strolled along the Manhattan High Line. I spotted a lone sailboat on the Hudson. The visual awakened an intense sense of peace, serenity, hope and joy. The inspiration motivated me to cherry pick through the 250 or so of my songs and choose those that highlight Peace, Wellness, and Environmental Consciousness. Please enjoy.

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Still Loving You

Jeanne Newhall — Still Loving You
Release date : Sept. 30, 2016
Label : Marzipan Music

The beloved 80's era inspired me to produce & arrange classics from the Pet Shop Boys, U2, Foreigner, The Police, The Scorpions, Fine Young Cannibals, Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Indigo Girls, and Crowded House. Kazunori Koga, my friend and partner in music go deep into the many visceral components of these songs. With just my vocals and piano complemented by his dazzling guitar, I wanted to create a minimalistic but lush sound, reinventing each song in a way that was new but still keeping the integrity of the original.

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French Kiss

Jeanne Newhall — French Kiss
Release date : Apr. 21, 2015
Label : Marzipan Music

French Kiss completes the trilogy of Jeanne Newhall’s French music CDs releases. French Café was the 1st of the trilogy. With “Paris Nights” she added bass, a woodwind, voice, & some gentle percussion. Now, with “French Kiss” she has returned to the wonderfully sensuous passion of the solo piano.

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Jeanne Newhal — Sky

the songs were all composed on various visits to the Northern California coast, where the redwoods kiss the ocean. As with every new album, one hopes to continue to expand the musical consciousness. What does that mean? To open wider, to go deeper, to love more, to let all the nectar flow out — to you, to become aware of our connection and our unity.

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Jeanne Newhall — Fragile

a 5 song offering featuring acoustic versions of 3 previously released originals, my cover of Anna Nalick's hit song Breathe 2AM , and the new song Fragile.

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Blossom of Transformation

Jeanne Newhall — Blossom of Transformation

i discovered that yoga is the dance of life -- it is transforming -- and this is my gift of gratitude -- original and traditional musical chants for the singing...join us

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Spacious Peaceful And Quiet

Jeanne Newhall — Spacious, Peaceful and Quiet

the "hush" compilation of eight tracks from seven previous albums-tranquility for babies, children, stressed-out teens & grownups, yogis, massage therapists for everyone

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Song for Happy Town

Jeanne Newhall — Song for Happy Town

an ode to the writers/producers of the ABC TV show....thank you for including 4 minutes of my version of Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers' "6th Avenue Heartache" on the Glide Deluxe Album in Episode 4!!

Song For

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Glide Deluxe Edition

Jeanne Newhall — Glide Deluxe Edition

check out the 3 additional songs including The Wallflower's "6th Avenue Heartache" as heard on ABC's "HAPPY TOWN"

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Jeanne Newhall — Glide

a collector's item...only a few were manufactured before the Deluxe Edition came out!

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Paris Nights

Jeanne Newhall — Paris Nights

have you seen the sequel to the classic "Before Sunrise"? This is my sequel to French Cafe

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Jeanne Newhall — Zebra

a laid back sexy musical journey through the most natural place on earth, the Serengeti in Africa...contains the song "Grey Mist At Dawn"

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