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Yarnell Hill Prescott Arizona Fire Tragedy June 30, 2013

Tragedy loss emotional pain accidents that devastate us. Heavy on my mind today.
It is difficult to write about anything except the Yarnell Hill Prescott Arizona fire incident. I know this place well. Nineteen young men have mysteriously had their lives swept away from them by a dangerous fire that became fatal when the wind trapped them inside it’s fury.
My father and his 4 sisters, when they were kids, used to take the back way to northern Arizona, into cooler country by way of Yarnell Hill. I don’t even think there was an Interstate 17 then. Yarnell Hill is steep and winding and breathtaking. It is my favorite drive up into northern Arizona, my home state. In the same area before arriving into Prescott is People’s Valley with acres of horse pasture and clear yellow fields of yarrow for miles. Interestingly, there are few people in People’s Valley. I always wanted to live there.
It is with great sadness for the loss of these brave souls that I devote my day today in silent prayer to these 19. We cannot know why they are gone too soon, but can hold reverence and honor in our hearts for their sacrifice in service to help us all.

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  • Kiki Ebsen on

    Hi Jeanne,

    This is a moving heartfelt post. My dear friend, singer and vocal coach, Vanessa Purdy, lost her home and studio in that fire. She hosted me in a house concert last year. Most of the locals that came to my show lost their homes. My sister lives in Skull Valley about 20 minutes away. I am hoping to help with a fundraiser at her place for the Yarnell community.

    I am really looking forward to our introduction lunch on Thursday via Brianna. She such a dear!

    See you soon,